The Coffee Bean

Good afternoon! I hope you are all having a lovely day! (:

Let’s hop right in –

Picture the coffee bean for a moment.  Let’s pretend you are a coffee bean.

So, the process of the coffee bean is what? It gets roasted, grinded, and then filtered through hot water to become that oh, so delicious, coffee we enjoy so very much – if you don’t like coffee, just pretend with me for a moment.

We know the process of the coffee bean becoming something else because we have perspective, right? We have seen the process, the result. We have seen its potential.

What if we are the coffee bean – what if we focus on just being a bean, we don’t know that there is still much more in the process before the potential is reached. Maybe it’s because you’re still young, and haven’t experienced life yet, maybe it’s because you’re too scared to jump into the next process, but keep reminding yourself – you’re not finished.

So, most of us have ventured out a little bit and caught ourselves in the grinder.  We have had bad things happen to us, we have been wronged, we have done bad things, we have experienced great loss, or we have experienced many little things along the way… where now, we feel like a grounded-up coffee bean.  Sometimes we live here, get stuck here. Sometimes we don’t have perspective. Sometimes we think that, that’s it! That’s all my potential– I started a bean, and now I’m all ground up – never to be used for more. How could a ground-up coffee bean be anything else?

What if I told you, you’re still not finished. There’s still processing to go through. There’s still more!

So, what’s next? The coffee grounds get placed in a filter, and hot water is poured on it, and now we have that strong, delicious smell, and WALAA!!  COFFEE!! Okay, so let’s say you’ve been filtered – you have allowed God to wash over your ground-up mess, and you are now coffee – finished.

But wait. What if you were made to be espresso? A latte? A mocha? An americano?

What if I told you that the process of an espresso bean and a coffee bean is rather similar. What if I told you that you don’t necessarily get to decide which drink you’ll be, but you do get to decide if the process is finished.  If you are done becoming. See, we don’t have perspective. We can’t see the whole picture because we are in it. We are in the grinder. In the filter. In the coffee cup even. Maybe we know that we still have more potential, but are stuck in the process.

Friend, know, believe that God is not finished with you. His perspective is bigger. He sees your potential. Allow Him to take you through the process, so that you can step into your purpose.

Ephesians 2:10

For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.

See the potential, see that we are God’s handiwork.  He has created us for a purpose.  He prepared in advance what He would have us to be.

I mentioned this in my last post, but I ask again (I’m asking myself this at the same time) – what is it that you are passionate about? I promise you that those dreams and desires are on purpose. They are your hint to what your purpose is, what you were created for.

I encourage you – and I will too – write down some things that you enjoy. Write down some passions you have. Maybe it’s encouraging others, maybe it’s teaching others, maybe it’s leading, maybe it’s dealing with finances, cutting hair, maybe it’s blessing people through gifts, maybe it’s singing, or music, maybe it’s baking, or cleaning. What is it that you really enjoy?

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